The ripple effect of creative business management

Some studies suggest that small actions of creativity in everyday life increase our overall well-being and leads to success, including in business.

Many people consider creativity as the realm of the tormented soul. While there is no doubt that some artists have created works of great art, science suggests that they can be the exception rather than the rule.

In fact, many studies have found that while suffering mental illness can sometimes coincide with creating lasting business techniques, creativity is generally more associated with positive emotions and well-being. For example, researchers have found that people report being happy and excited when dealing with everyday creative efforts, and that a positive mood goes hand-in-hand with creative thinking.

But while these studies and others suggest a link between positive emotion and everyday creativity, it is still unclear if there are other causes (or if it exists in a kind of virtuous circle).

As an established and experienced business entrepreneur(now retired), my aim is to set the record straight.

As a business enthusiast, with experience in business funding for decades I have confirmed that business isn’t just about money. It is ironic to say that as my focus has been funding business and proper money management. It is important ask such questions as how much time is spent in objective business as compared to a creative business that balances the benefit for both the people working and the business itself?

A successful business comes from motivated workers. Something as simple as providing jobs to people leads to a ripple effect for the business and its success. Doing the right thing comes with the right numbers.


Steven Sunyich