Steven Sunyich On Hotfrog

Hotfrog: A directory built for people
Hotfrog has been acquired by Locafy and is still known as Hotfrog Pty Ltd and is therefore an independent company seeking strategic partners in advertising and data.

The company operates in 44 countries and helps 69 million businesses reach new customers around the world.

Hotfrog profiles are a tool for SMEs to create demand for their business. Hotfog helps communicate the difference between the products and services offered by customers, and the benefits of SEO are huge!

The keywords customers choose for their profiles match the terms potential customers enter into online search engines. Their business ranks higher because Hotfrog technology helps their unique keywords get indexed by search engines. Hotfrog's direct reporting tool shows all activity.

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If you are an organization with multiple locations, you are welcome to enter up to 10 10 business listings for free. However, if you have more than 10 listings, you will need to use our API service for a fee. The benefit of our API is that you can list your business across the entire Locafy publishing network.